Jamie, 20

“My experience was very different than expected. I was initially a bit frightened and concerned but realistically everything turned out great! The people and staff here are all extremely considerate and the studies themselves are very safe. I’m likely to come back to do another study after such a positive experience in this study. Another great note is that there’s loads of food and heaps of hot water – it’s a student’s / backpacker’s dream!”

Marcus, 36

“This is my first clinical study, being an inpatient for 21 days was easier than I thought due to the staff and other participants. The staff are very friendly and helpful and the other participants are very nice. We had a great time playing pool, card games, board games, video games and simply just chatting. There are lots of people here from different places, it’s interesting to share experiences and learn more about other people and cultures.”

Sorelle, 28

“This is my first study I have done and my motivation was for the financial reimbursement and to help medical science. The best thing about being here is making friends and you get a lot of free time to do anything productive you have set. Plus no cooking or cleaning to do! During my stay, I watched a lot of movies, played games and did some writing. I would be very likely to do another study here and look forward to using my money to fund a trip overseas. The advice I would give to anyone thinking about doing a study would be to read the information you are given about the study and make sure you’re comfortable before going in. Also, take LOTS of things to keep you occupied and don’t be afraid to get social with all of the other participants!”


“I took the opportunity to participate in my first clinical study during my University break. At first, I was a little apprehensive but the level of support provided by the friendly and qualified staff put my mind at ease. During my 15 day stay, I received constant health monitoring and had access to a balanced diet through catered meals. I was able to complete a substantial amount of studying during this time, free from my usual daily distractions. Participating in a clinical trial allowed me to contribute to the development of a new medicine for ulcerative colitis while receiving financial compensation, which will go towards university expenses next semester. The social and recreational activities I engaged in made my stay very enjoyable. I would definitely recommend participation in future studies to my friends.”

We are always looking for new volunteers

We are actively seeking volunteers from all walks of life to assist in the research and development of new medicines. You can volunteer to make a difference and will be reimbursed for your valuable time.